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Each of Tom's presentations can be subtly or completely customized, which means that you don't have to choose just one topic. We will decide together which components will be most appropriate to address the specific challenges and concerns facing your organization, which will give them practical, take-home value. Depending on your needs and request, Tom's presentations will include the following points:

"How to Enhance Your Most Valuable Skill of all...Communicating Effectively with People"

  • Understanding Your's and Their "Communication Style"
  • Saying "No" or "Not Now" and maintaining goodwill
  • Asking better questions
  • "He said/she said" differences in male and female communication
  • Closing the "generation" communication gap
  • The most important words for you to use...and not use
  • "Team-Building??Creating an Atmosphere for Superior Results"

  • A "Team" or just a "Group of People Who Happen to Work Together?"
  • 10 Essential keys that make a successful team
  • Understanding the differences between a "Boss" and a "Leader"
  • Persuading others to work with you and not against you...and each other
  • Unite your team with cross-training
  • The team-leader's real role
  • "Leadership Excellence for Managers and Supervisors"

  • The number one employee "Hunger" that successful Leaders must satisfy
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Creating a more motivating work and team climate
  • Creating superior results in those people responsible for doing the work
  • Delegation?.an essential "process"
  • The art of instituting change effectively
  • The biggest waste-of-time...meetings! How to accomplish more in less time
  • "Communicating with Difficult Employees (and Customers) for Positive Results"

  • The 3 major causes of problem employees
  • Two critical questions you must ask
  • How to reduce defensive behavior
  • Addressing and correcting performance problems
  • Making sure that your discipline sticks
  • Effectively dealing with conflict...yours and theirs
  • "How to Establish and Build Rapport, Trust and Your Credibility"

  • Essential keys to building trust and rapport
  • "Breaking the ice"
  • From resistance to results...starting tomorrow
  • 7 keys to effective listening
  • Recognizing and understanding different personality types
  • If you were more like me, we'd get along better!...Really?
  • "Going for the Gold in those Goals"

  • "Why set goals?....I know what I want"
  • You can't hit a target you never set
  • The 7 major obstacles keeping your employees from setting goals
  • How to actually Achieve your goals
  • Roadmap to greater success
  • Keep it simple
  • Tom@TomCafone.com
    (619) 295-9217

    (Call and ask us to hold your conference dates without obligation.)