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About Tom

Tom with Steve ForbesTom Cafone is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Effective Communication, Team-building, Personal Effectiveness and Leadership who entertains while he educates.

His eye-opening and mind-opening seminars and talks, which he has presented in most of the 50 states and four countries, transcend barriers of age, occupation and culture. As a sought-after Professional Speaker and Trainer, Tom is well-known for his high-energy presentations which incorporate his unique use of wit, wisdom, life experiences and practical techniques. His engaging style helps his audiences achieve more productive work environments incorporating team-work, inter-dependent relationships, reduced stress, more effective communication, and much more.

Tom brings an unique style and perspective to his presentations. He believes that we control our own destiny. He teaches and encourages people to take an active role in their business and personal goal-setting, team-building, communication techniques, brain-storming, and life-long learning, just to name a few.

He has experience working with all levels, from Boards to senior management to middle management to line staff, in both private sector industries and public sector organizations. Tom also communicates effectively with white collar, blue collar and no collar employees. He typically speaks to about 150 audiences each year.

Tom is listed in Who's Who in Professional Speaking, is a member of The National Speaker's Association, and former Area Governor of Toastmasters International.

A part of Tom's purpose in life is to enthusiastically teach and assist people to enhance their lives personally, professionally, financially, emotionally and physically in the spirit of fun and laughter. He accomplishes this through his seminars, workshops, talks, books and CDs.

"...I cannot think of a finer example for others aspiring to make improvements...He is the real deal."

(619) 295-9217

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